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Jun 30, 2018 (Japanese: 月の如く楽しい) (also translated as "Beautiful Night"). This is the debut studio album of Yumi Matsutoya, released in November 1975. References Discography Category:Lists of albums by Japanese artistsQ: What is the status of the Question about "How to get the "amount" attribute for a Product in Commerce?" I have created a question called "How to get the "amount" attribute for a Product in Commerce?" - It is interesting in as far as it touches on a core component of Commerce, but I think the question has been asked and answered by other users in the past. I am not sure what the status of the question is, so I thought I would ask here. A: This has been closed as a duplicate of How do I get the "amount" attribute for a Product in Commerce?. The present invention relates to beverage container holders and, in particular, to a beverage container holder to support a beverage container while preventing injury to a person's hand that grasps the beverage container. To be acceptable and convenient for use, beverage containers (also referred to herein as xe2x80x9cbeverage containersxe2x80x9d) must be portable. For example, a conventional aluminum can is easily transported, and because it is lightweight and fits into a vehicle cup holder, it is easy to carry from place to place. The benefit, however, is that a person""s hand that grasps the beverage container can easily be injured by the sharp edges of the container. To provide a solution to this problem, beverage container holders have been developed that have a transparent cover through which the contents of the beverage container may be viewed. While this solution prevents injury to a person""s hand, it does not provide a way to secure the beverage container to the holder. Thus, when a person attempts to grasp the beverage container by a hand located outside the transparent cover, the hand is exposed to sharp edges of the container. What is needed, therefore, is a beverage container holder which supports the beverage container in a way that prevents injury to the hand of a person grasping the beverage ac619d1d87

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